The technology module encompasses a range of topics, including making basic electrical circuits, electronics prototyping and integrated circuits (ICs), exploring motors and LEDs, introduction to Arduino and automation, and the use of STEM simulations and app-based STEM experiments. Educators gain practical skills in circuitry, hands-on experience with prototyping tools, an understanding of motor control and LED applications, familiarity with Arduino programming, and the ability to integrate simulations and mobile apps into STEM education. These modules aim to empower educators with the knowledge and resources to incorporate technology effectively in the classroom, enhance student engagement and creativity, and foster a deeper understanding of electronics and programming concepts.

Basic circuit and Multimeter

Learn about basic circuits make your own simple circuit of series and parallel connection. Explore Ohms law using multimeter. 

Motors and LEDs

Learn about various types of motors and their uses eg: DC motor, Geared motor and Servo motor.

Integrated circuits

Learn about breadboard circuits, simple ICs and controllers, types of LEDs and motor controller. 

Arduino and Automation

Learn about Arduino, basic operations and programming in computre.

STEM Simulations

Explore STEM simulation for various topics

STEM Experiments

Explore STEM App for experiments