The engineering module delves into various aspects of STEM tinkering, including simple prototyping with basic tools, exploring simple machines, motion, and mechanics using gears, and rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Participants can expect to develop practical skills in designing and building prototypes, gain an understanding of mechanical principles, explore the mechanics of gears and their applications, and learn about the process of rapid prototyping using 3D printing technology. These sessions aim to foster creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, while also providing educators with the tools and knowledge to integrate engineering concepts into their classroom activities. Through hands-on experiences and real-world applications, educators will be able to inspire and engage students in the exciting world of engineering and design.

Tool usage and simple prototyping

Introduction to various tools in tinkering, assembly, and disassembly of equipment  

Simple machines

Make your own simple machine models, learn about levers, make a weight balance distance model, and learn about pulleys and how they distribute force.

Motion and Mechanism

Learn about complex machines, explore gears axel, motion of gear and gear ratio.

3D Printing

Learn what is 3D printing, prototyping and rapid prototyping, designing elements and workflow.