The math-focused in this module provides educators with innovative approaches to teaching and learning mathematical concepts. Participants will engage in activities that explore the use of math puzzles to enhance geometry understanding and promote prototyping skills. They will also delve into the realm of scales and measurements, understanding the practical applications of these concepts and their significance in real-world scenarios. The modules will cover data handling and errors, equipping educators with strategies to collect and analyse data, calculate central tendencies, and understand the importance of accurate measurements. Additionally, educators will explore the fascinating world of 3D shapes and nets, learning about their properties and connections to geometry. These modules aim to empower educators to create dynamic and engaging math lessons, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills in their students.

Scales and measurements

Learn about different types of scales and measurements and how to implement them

3D shapes and projection

Learn concept of dimension, 3D shapes and their 2D net geometry and mathematical equation 

Math puzzles for area & perimeter

Explore mathematical concepts of Area and perimeter using puzzles

Data handling and Error measurement

Learn about collecting large amounts of data, organizing and analyzing data and how understanding errors in data