Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pashan, Pune: 411008, INDIA 

Team Members

Dr. Aparna Deshpande

Physics Faculty and Principal Investigator, Science Activity Centre IISER Pune 

Dr. Aparna Deshpande is a Physics Professor at IISER Pune, with over 10 years of experience in the research field. She specializes in the study of 2D materials in her Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) laboratory, wherestudying she visualizes, probes, and manipulates matter atom-by-atom. Passionate about both teaching and learning, Dr. Deshpande is dedicated whereatom by atomto advancing the understanding of physics and science as a whole. She takes great pride in connecting with laypersons to share her research and teachings. Currently, she serves as the faculty in charge of the Smt. Indrani Balan Science Activity Centre, where she leads innovative science activities and educational initiatives.

Mr. Ashok Rupner

  Senior Technical Officer at Science Activity Centre IISER Pune 

Mr. Ashok Rupner, with a master's degree in Physics and a B.Ed, has been at the forefront of popularizing science activities among students, teachers, and the general public for the past 28 years. As the Senior Technical Officer at the Science Activity Centre at IISER Pune, he is deeply passionate about making STEM education accessible and engaging through hands-on activities. His extensive experience in the outreach field has made him a pivotal figure in inspiring a love for math and science across diverse audiences. Mr. Rupner's dedication to education is evident in his innovative approach to creating interactive learning experiences, his ability to communicate complex scientific concepts understandably, and his ongoing efforts to mentor educators and students alike.

Mr. Ankish Tirpude

  Technical Assistant at Science Activity Centre IISER Pune 

Ankish Turpitude serves as a Technical Officer and has completed his master's degree in Physics. His academic background and technical expertise contribute significantly to the STEMReady project. Ankish is dedicated to supporting innovative educational activities and ensuring the smooth operation of technical aspects within the project.

Dr. Chaitanya Mungi

Project Coordinator, STEM Ready Project at Science Activity Centre IISER Pune 

Dr. Chaitanya Mungi completed his Ph.D. from IISER Pune in the field of Astrobiology. As part of his research, he discovered a novel mechanism for the non-enzymatic polymerization of DNA & RNA and which chemicals & conditions may have played a crucial role in the origin of life on Earth. After completing his Ph.D., he joined Smt. Indrani Balan Science Activity Centre in 2017 and has been conducting hands-on education workshops since then. He was a part of several teacher training projects and currently leads the STEM Ready Project. He is passionate about developing new interdisciplinary activities, STEM tinkering models, and gardening 

Ms. Tejal Vyas 

Project Associate and STEM Educator, Science Activity Centre IISER Pune 

Tejal Vyas holds a master's degree in Environmental Science, graduating with a stellar CGPA of 9.4. Currently, she is a Project Associate and STEM Educator at the IISER Pune Science Activity Centre. In her role, she actively participates in conducting teacher training and student workshops, striving to empower educators and learners with innovative teaching methodologies. As a STEM Educator, Tejal's primary responsibility involves designing engaging and relevant STEM tinkering content tailored to school teachers, ensuring alignment with their curriculum. Beyond her passion for education, she is also a skilled science illustrator, designing cover pages for science journal publications, scientific posters, brochures, flyers, and websites. Her multifaceted talents and dedication make her a valuable asset to the STEMReady project and the broader educational community.

Mr. Sarvesh Gorivale

Project Associate and STEM Educator, Science Activity Centre IISER Pune 

Sarvesh Gorivale holds a Master's degree in Environmental Science from Sir Parshurambhau College, Pune, graduating with a commendable 9.4 CGPA. Currently serving as a Project Associate and STEM education facilitator with the STEM Ready project, Sarvesh is pivotal in organizing and conducting teacher and student training workshops. These workshops emphasize developing 21st-century tinkering skills, aiming to inspire educators and learners.

 In addition to his work in STEM education, Sarvesh is a passionate naturalist with extensive expertise in wildlife and biodiversity. He regularly leads nature walks, teaching students about the rich diversity of local ecosystems and fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world. His wildlife knowledge enhances his educational approach, offering students unique, hands-on learning experiences that bridge STEM and environmental science. 

Mr. Amol Deshmukh

Multiskilled assistant at Science Activity Centre IISER Pune 

Mr. Amol Deshmukh holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (International Business) and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA Inter). As a Multiskilled Assistant for the STEMReady project, he brings a unique blend of administrative and technical skills. His diverse expertise ensures the effective management and coordination of project activities, contributing to the overall success of the initiative. 

Ms. Hritika Kakade


Hritika Kakade is a driven and skilled professional with a B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from VIIT College, Pune. With hands-on experience in automation, IoT, embedded processors, and VLSI, she has honed her technical expertise and practical knowledge. Hritika is passionate about science and committed to outreach, eagerly sharing her insights and contributing to the advancement of technology. Her dedication to promoting STEM education and her enthusiasm for technological innovation make her an invaluable member of the STEM Ready team.